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Kashtech provides the latest information, resources, and tools to help students of all ages reach their full potential. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a parent, you will find something here that will support you on your educational journey.


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Here's what you can expect.

Interactive Tools

We offer a variety of interactive tools, including online quizzes, tutorials, and source code, to help students engage with the material and retain information.


Quality Content

Our team of expert writers and education professionals produce articles, videos, and tutorials on a wide range of topics, from study.

Resource Library

Our extensive resource library is packed with ebooks, educational videos, and other resources to support students in their studies.

Career Guidance

We provide guidance and advice of career paths and help students to explore their options and make decisions about their future.

Community Support

Join our community of like-minded students, teachers, and education enthusiasts and connect with others who are passionate about learning.


Here's what you can learn.

Our Course's

Whether you are a student in need of support, a teacher seeking new ideas, or a parent looking for resources to support your child’s education, KashTech is here for you. So, take a look around, explore our course’s and start your technical journey today! 


Web Development

Understanding the basics of web development and the technologies used to create websites and web applications.

App Development

Overview of the app development process, including design, development, testing, and deployment.

Digital Marketing

Overview of the digital marketing landscape, including different channels, strategies, and metrics.

Programming & DSA

Learn the basics of programming, including syntax, data types, control structures, and algorithms.

Artificial intelligence

Overview of the field of artificial intelligence, including its history, applications, and current state of the art.

UI/UX Designing

Overview of the field of user interface and user experience design, including its importance, principles, and best practices.


Here's what you can expect.


React js

Building dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

Node js

 Architecture, design philosophy, and use cases.


History, design philosophy, and components.


High-performance, attractive, and fast-loading applications.


Build modern, robust, and scalable web applications.


Scientific computing, data analysis, AI, and more.

Mongo DB

Flexible, scalable and alternative databases.


Manage the application state in a single store.

A One stop Platform

Practice and learn till you are perfect

Well Guided Program

Learning to code can be a valuable skill and a great way to solve problems and build new things. There are many resources available for learning to code, including online tutorials, video courses, and in-person classes.


A visualization Platform

Practice and learn till you are perfect

Grow your programming skills through visualization

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